First ‘eco-mosque’, in Europe

The historic city of Cambridge is going to set an example for other Muslim communities around the world, by building an eco friendly Mosque amidst the sky soaring skyline of the city. The Mosque is going to be build taking inspiration from the Islamic principle that the rejection of waste is an under-estimation of Allah’s blessing, therefore the new Mosque will be built considering the sustainable building construction principles. Some of them includes the use latest heat pumps, conservation technology, use of skylights to fill the mosque with daylight and green roofs.  The aim is to achieve an almost zero carbon footprint.

According to the Qur’an Allah has made believers the stewards and protectors of the earth. So it must be the concern of every single Muslim worldwide, to consider this important environmental ethic with the most beloved place to Allah for Muslims.

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The Mosque is designed by the award winning Architects  Marks Barfield. The Architects were also behind the designs of likes of the London Eye.

Conceived as an Oasis of calm and sustainability in the urban jungle of concrete, steel and glass. The structure is going to have sustainable features such as Air Tightness, Air-source heat pump, cross ventilation, energy efficient appliances, energy submetering and targeting, Green roof, heat recovery system, materials with long life and durability, off site construction, shading, overhang and water saving fixtures etc.

Hopefully this initiative will act as an inspiration for the Muslims around the world. To think of their environmental responsibility, while planning to build any building.

Going by the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Every single thing, including the Mosque and other buildings, built by a Muslim, should be environment friendly.





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